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Teacher Training

English USA LogoThe College of New Jersey has been educating teachers since 1855, when it was established as the first teacher preparation school in the state. Today, TCNJ is a top ranking college in the region.

The School of Education’s Master of Education in TESL program offers M.Ed. and TESL certification programs.

The TESL Master’s is also part of TCNJ’s Global Graduate Program offered at sites around the world.

The Center for American Language & Culture delivers academic and co-curricular programming to English Language Learners from around the world, but also supports short-term teacher training opportunities with partner schools at TCNJ’s main campus, overseas, and online.

The following topics can be covered by our expert trainers:

Language Acquisition Teaching Strategies

  • Methods of Teaching Grammar
  • Methods of Teaching Listening Comprehension
  • Methods of Teaching Phonetics and Intonation
  • Methods of Teaching Reading Comprehension
  • Methods of Teaching Speaking
  • Methods of Teaching Writing
  • Technology in the Language Learning Classroom
  • Best Practices in Teaching and Learning
  • Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
  • Strategies for Vocabulary Building
  • Teaching for Successful Communication
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Teaching Language Processing and Language Learning Strategies for ESL/EFL Learners


  • Assessment in the ESL/EFL Classroom
  • Linking Student Learning Objectives and Language Learning Assessments
  • ESL Program Assessment

Professional Development for ESL Teachers

  • Observing, Evaluating, and Mentoring ESL/EFL Instructors
  • ESL Program Development

Language Acquisition Theory

  • Pragmatics: Raising Teachers’ Awareness of the Nature of Interactional Competence in Second Language Instruction
  • Conversation Analysis: Observations and Implications for Second Language Pedagogy
  • Second Language Acquisition Theories and Best Practices for the Real World ESL/EFL Classroom

Curriculum Planning & Course Preparation

  • Authentic Materials and Authenticity in English Language Teaching
  • Principles and Practices of Curricular Design
  • Principles and Practices of the Design of Instructional Materials
  • Second Language Acquisition Theory and Instructional Design
  • Lesson Planning for the ESL/EFL Classroom

We work closely with our partners to create customizable programs/workshops that fit their needs. For more information, please contact CALC’s Director, Dr. Monica Jacobe.