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Full Semester Program

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The Institute’s Full Semester program runs for 14 weeks and includes 12 credits of coursework designed to grow your language ability.  The core curriculum consists of one course in American Studies, providing an interdisciplinary focus on American culture along with language development, one integrated-skills English language course, and additional coursework in language or a discipline/field of study as deemed appropriate based on language level of the student.

Courses offered through the Institute follow a communicative approach to language learning, integrating language skills with academic content that allow for practice and performance in a university setting.

“Through the ESL classes at TCNJ, I gained more confidence and vocabulary to be able to speak more fluently. The course helped me a lot. Talking to people in English became much easier and also prepared me to start my studies in engineering.”

~ Lucas Jose Marini , Brazil


Course of Study

Academically qualified students who wish to study at TCNJ will take 12 credits of language coursework designed to advance English skills.

All students will gain skill in speaking, reading, writing, and listening that will be invaluable to their success in their American academic careers and receive individualized feedback on their language abilities as they exit the program to continue their studies.

If you have questions about our courses, please contact us by email.


Tuition for the full semester programs in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 is $5125* USD.  Enrolled students will be given on-campus housing on a space-available basis.  For full explanation of tuition & fees please see chart.

Semester ESLAS Tuition(14 weeks= 12 credits) USD $5,125.00
 Language Testing Fee USD $150.00
 TCNJ Student Service Fee  USD $380.82
 TCNJ Computing Fee  USD $234.18
 TCNJ Student Activities Fee  USD $140.80
 Housing & Food per Semester (approximate)  USD $6454.59
 TOTAL $12,485.39


Books, health insurance, SEVIS fees will be in addition to the above outlined tuition & fees.

While TCNJ does not offer scholarships, grants, or other aid for this program at this time, resources for international students seeking funding for their US-based education–including ESL and Intensive English Programs–can be found here.

*This fee will be reviewed by the Board each year at the start of the fiscal year in July and may be adjusted.

Dates for Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

Fall 2016 Schedule

August 23 – Students arrive on campus.

August 24-29 – Orientation programming.

August 30 – Classes begin for Fall Semester.

August 30- September 2 – Language Assessment Testing to finalize ESL placement.

November 7-14 – Midterm progress evaluations and meetings with Institute Faculty.

December 9 – Last day of Fall Semester classes.

December 13-16 – Final examinations for Institute courses and final language level assessments.

Spring 2016 Schedule

January 20 – Students arrive on campus.

January 21-22 – Orientation programming.

January 23 – Classes begin for Spring Semester.

January 23-26 – Language Assessment Testing to finalize ESL placement.

March 3-7 – Midterm progress evaluations and meetings with Institute Faculty.

May 5 – Last day of Spring Semester classes.

May 9-16 – Final examinations for Institute courses and final language level assessments.



Students intending to pursue higher education in the US and who have completed at least a high school program of study are eligible to attend.  Institute students vary in age and English language proficiency and will be attending a variety of educational institutions after completing our program.  Students not coming to TCNJ through established partners or International Admissions will need to complete a program application.

After a student has been accepted into the program, the College will review the student’s documentation of financial support and issue the I-20 document required for the US visa application.  Students will need to show proof for $26,000 USD or more in order to qualify for an I-20 document in support of a 12-month study visa for language training. It is the responsibility of the student to  obtain an appropriate visa through the nearest United States consulate or embassy.  For more information, visit the online resources provided for students seeking ESL study provided by International Student Services in the Center for Global Engagement.


Applications for Fall 2017 are now OPEN. Apply today! Application Here

Our preferred deadline for Fall 2017 is MAY 31ST.

  • What does preferred deadline mean? This is the deadline whereby we can guarantee you a spot in on courses and in our on campus housing. So apply early and reserve your seat today!